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PPC LIVE: Fumigation is getting cheaper at last. Here’s how you can get involved

The spectre of insecticide resistance is becoming a reality in many food sites in the UK. Phosphine resistance is especially concerning, with so many infestations being brought into the UK from countries with less rigorous fumigation practices. 

Fumigation is getting cheaper at last talk at PPC live 2020



Presented by: Martin Cobbald, Managing Director, Dealey

In the fight against resistance, there has been some considerable work done in the USA and Southern Europe to bring fumigation practices up to date and especially to find methods of combating resistance.

Martin will give a presentation on his work with prototype NDIR gas monitors. These proven monitors are becoming cheaper, making them more affordable for pest controllers and fumigators alike.

The case studies will focus on new Internet of Things (IoT) web platforms providing remote data collection, viewing, data warehousing, tiered access and automatic notifications on a secure, encrypted data platform.  The presentation will detail these monitors as a tool to prove fumigation lethality as concentration over time (CTP) and for the first time deliver “Traceability to Compliance” to the fumigation industry.  These advances will soon become available to the UK market.”

This Seminar is held at PPC Live and is completely free to attend.