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PPC LIVE: Integrated rodent control

Best practice rodent control utilises both non-chemical and chemical tools for effective control. For chemical control, the “risk hierarchy” and the effectiveness against both anticoagulant susceptible and anticoagulant resistant rodents must be considered. Sharon will explore a best practice integrated approach to rat and mouse control.

Intergrated rodent control talk at PPC Live 2020


Presented by: Sharon Hughes, Global Technical Marketing Manager, BASF

Obtained an honours degree in Applied Biology at the University of Greenwich, London. From there she worked in pharmacology research at the Department of Pharmacology, University College, London. (drugs for intestinal ulcers) followed by the Department of Pharmacology, Liverpool University (WHO funded research on anti-malarial drugs). However, for the last 30 years, Sharon have specialised in rodents and rodenticides, working for BASF plc (formerly Sorex Limited) as the Global Rodenticide Development Manager and more recently Global Technical-Marketing Manager for rodenticides.

During this time her responsibilities have included managing the BASF research team in all aspects of rodenticide research, development of new products and efficacy data generation. This work is undertaken at varies sites around the world to support Global products. Sorexa and Storm baits were developed under this team, including the new Storm Ultra bait and the future cholecalciferol bait.

Using her rodent/rodenticide technical knowledge and expertise gathered over the years, Sharon has provided training and support both internally and externally to distributors and customers. She is a member of the RRAG committee and has presented at conferences worldwide, including FAOPMA, ICUP and EVPMC.

This Seminar is held at PPC Live and is completely free to attend.