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PPC LIVE: Practical impact of resistance

A look into the mechanisms which cause resistance in rats, how these resistances affect the real-world application of pesticides and most importantly how to identify resistance on sites and how to deal with it quickly and effectively.

Alex Wade Practical Impact of Resistance PPC Live

13.15- 14.15

Presented by: Alex Wade, Technical Manager, PelGar

Alex joined PelGar in 2008 as Technical Manager to help support PelGar’s growing UK and global business. Alex has a scientific background, a detailed understanding of biology and animal behaviour and is a mine of information when it comes to pest control. Alex has been managing PelGars efficacy testing laboratory, responsible for culturing insect populations and testing insecticides– and has a fantastic knowledge of active ingredients and their mode of action.

Alex has passed his RSPH level 2 in pest control giving him a full understanding of PCO training in addition to the practical exposure he has had over the past 10 years. Alex is committed to helping PelGar develop new products for the pest control industry and give technical support to ensure PelGar’s products perform to their optimum.

This Seminar is held at PPC Live and is completely free to attend.