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PPC LIVE: Smart pest control using remote monitoring and trap alerts

This practical demonstration will show how remote monitoring and smart trapping can be achieved through the combination of GSM & Battery powered cameras, Bluetooth trap sensors & your smartphone. This allows you to provide excellent customer service and improve your route efficiency.

ppc live uwatch smart pest control louis bennett


Presented by: Louis Bennett, Product Manager, uWatch

With a Masters degree in Environmental Science, Louis joined uWatch in 2017 becoming Product Manager in 2018.

Louis has worked with the pest control industry for the past two and a half years, understanding its need to move towards "smart pest control" whilst strongly considering the environment, which can be achieved by increasing the use of technology and decreasing the use of pesticides.

The core product of uWatch Ltd is a cellular, battery-powered, sensor-rich computer called "The Cube". This device is used for remote monitoring as it doesn't rely on Wi-Fi or mains power. The device is used in pest control to monitor and capture pictures of pests, whilst also monitoring traps and sending you alerts in real time.

The Cube is also police approved under "Secured by Design" which highlights its use a crime prevention device.

This Seminar is held at PPC Live and is completely free to attend.