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PPC LIVE: What is eating your house and the things in it?

David will talk through identifying insect pest damage to wood, furniture textiles, taxidermy, books and paper. He’ll also cover ways of identifying whether the damage is recent and active, or long dead. Pests covered will include furniture beetle, deathwatch beetle, biscuit beetle, carpet beetles, clothes moths and silverfish. 

There will be examples of pest damage to look at and a quiz for participants to identify the species which has caused the damage.

Whats eating your house talk at PPC Live 2020


Presented by: David Pinniger, Consultant Entomologist

David Pinniger is an entomologist who formerly worked as a research scientist on food storage and public health insects for the MAFF Central Science Laboratory in Slough. He developed new insect detection methods and evaluated novel insecticides and physical control methods. He was a tutor on BPCA training courses for many years.

For the last 25 years he has been an independent consultant providing specialist advice and training on insect pests in museums, galleries, archives and historic houses. He is the pest management strategy adviser for English Heritage and advises many of the major national museums and galleries and historic houses in the UK. David has also worked with overseas museums and delivered lectures and training workshops in many countries.

He is the author of over 60 papers and publications, including the books "Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage" and “Pests in Houses Great and Small”. He received an MBE in 2008 for services to pest management and conservation.

This Seminar is held at PPC Live and is completely free to attend.