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Resistance – back to basics

PPC Live Seminar: Resistance should not be a surprise. It is an almost inevitable result of using pesticides to protect public health. 

Clive Boase

Clive Boase
Principal Consultant
The Pest Management Consultancy 

Despite that, resistance is often either ignored or is blamed on ‘poor treatment’ as though the technician was somehow responsible.

Clive Boase, Principal Consultant for The Pest Management Consultancy, will give us a common-sense look at resistance, including; the factors that cause it to appear, how to detect it, the various forms it can take, and importantly, how we can help lessen its impact.

The better that manufacturers, distributors, and professional practitioners understand resistance, the more likely it is that we can maintain effective control of pests - whether they be rodents or insects.

1 CPD point for this seminar + 2 points for attending PPC Live. 

This talk is perfect for:

  • Those interested in public health pest control
  • Anyone engaged with the future of pesticides.

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