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06 March 2018

BPCA’s Contract Sharing Network (CSN) – 12 months on

Officially launched at PestEx 2017, the CSN was developed by a group of small and medium BPCA member companies. These were either tired of being let down by smaller sub-contractors, or aggravated at the way some larger companies were treating them through a sub-contracting arrangement.

David Lodge, Chair of the networks Management Committee, and Partner at Beaver Pest Control said:

“Entering into an agreement with a subcontractor whose ethos you haven’t reviewed first hand isn’t a great way to assure your customer is happy long term. Personally, I was struggling to find trusted companies to deliver a great service in other regions and of course, would not try to take advantage of the situation.”

“Trying to get a feel for the way a subcontractor is run, and the people behind it is of utmost importance. For all that is good about BPCA’s Find a Pest Controller tool, it didn’t show me enough detail on the people behind the business which is why I (and other member companies) started turning to other means. However, now it’s a little different.”

The Contract Sharing Network coverage so far

Born out of the smaller companies who make up BPCA’s Servicing Committee, the CSN is a free member benefit. It allows all member companies to sign up to a strict Code of Conduct and join the network.

Because being in the network shows up as an advanced filter on the BPCA Find a Pest Controller tool, members can now see who is prepared to subcontract work through the code of conduct, and who isn’t.

Some snippets from the Code of Conduct:

  • All subcontracting work will be administered through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) (or enhanced alternative)
  • Additional sales to satellite sites must be agreed with the primary contractor
  • Price increases from the subcontractor must be agreed with the primary contractor before being implemented
  • Subcontract ED organisations are required to carry out tasks directly, and not further subcontract duties
  • Invoicing and payment schedules must be agreed at the point of quotation

Approaching its first birthday the CSN, boasts over 50 members and is approaching national coverage (see map). Members of the network are hopeful of further increasing coverage, and introducing specialist services in the coming months.

Luke Taylor, from LK Pestaway, a sole trader from Beaconsfield said: 

 “At PPC Live we’ve got a few hours where those in the network can meet face-to-face and swap business cards. The network is open to all BPCA members so if you’re interested in working with other like-minded companies, it would be great to have you!”

For more information on the CSN, readers can visit bpca.org.uk/csn* or email csn@bpca.org.uk.

*main contact access only

Source: PPC90