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09 February 2018

BPCA’s PrintShop open for business

BPCA’s newest member benefit is now open for business. The online PrintShop allows members to personalise quality design templates for information and promotional purposes. 

A means of improving how, particularly smaller companies, can advertise their services through printed materials to potential domestic and commercial clients was requested through the servicing committee. 

BPCA PrintShop

Kevin Higgins, BPCA Membership Manager said:

‘The Association’s Servicing Committee requested some more support with how member companies can promote their company when they have delivered a local service. The print cloud is still in early days, but over time we can add more and more templates at the request of members.' 

The print shop is only accessible to main company contacts (with login in details), so companies who are interested in the service should contact the BPCA membership team for more information. 

Before Christmas, we revealed the new member benefit in PPC 89’s marketing and communications special. Members will be able to pay for printed goods posted to their address, or purchase a PDF download where they can print either within their own premises, or at their existing print supplier.

More information and guidance on how companies can promote their company will be presented at PPC Live in Malvern on the 14 March 2018 when Ben Massey, BPCA’s Marketing and Communications Manager will talk about ‘No in house Marketing Guru, No Problem!’.