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11 July 2019

Jim Kirk appointed Manufacturers and Distributors Committee Chair

We’re pleased to announce that Jim Kirk has been appointed as the new Chair of the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee.

The selection was made by the members of the committee on 8 May and confirmed by BPCA’s Executive Board on 14 May.

News Image Jim Kirk New Committee Chair

Taking over as Chair from Rupert Broome, Jim is a supply and sales chain manager at Deadline Products (Rentokil) where he’s worked since 2008.

Starting out as the sales office manager, Jim spent time managing the pest control supply chain function before taking on a position managing the sales and commercial performance at the Rentokil manufacturing facility in Liverpool.

Much of his current focus is now on developing new products and solutions.

Role of the M&D Committee

The committee is tasked with representing the interests of the manufacturing and distributing sector of the public health pest control industry, with the aim of influencing key decision makers in Government on legislative proposals.

As Chair, Jim will be responsible for ensuring the BPCA Executive Board is kept in the loop with what’s happening in the part of the sector represented by the committee.

Regarding his appointment, Jim said:

“I have been a member of the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee since 2016 and have seen the value that it can bring to our industry.

“One of the major challenges for anyone involved in pest control is how to manage the changing climate in terms of chemical control of pests. We’ve seen a number of traditional solutions fall out of use through increased regulation.”

He continued, “It’s the role of the committee to try to give advance notice of these changes and, where appropriate, to push back against increased regulation where we believe it is counterproductive.

“I’m particularly proud of the work the committee did to influence the reversal of the decision to put Pheromone traps through the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) process, which would have resulted in them being removed from the market.”

If you’d like to know more about getting involved with the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee, get in touch by contacting membership@bpca.org.uk.

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