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03 August 2021

Let’s keep glue boards for professionals, says BPCA

BPCA has begun its lobbying effort to keep rodent glue boards in the toolkits of pest professionals.

British Pest Control Association lobbying rodent glue boards professionals

In June, the UK government issued details on the Glue Traps (Offences) legislation, designed to ban the sale of rodent glue boards in England and Wales.

BPCA Chief Exec, Ian Andrew, said:

“We’ve spent a month talking to members, consulting with lobbyists and researching the scientific and social ramifications of banning glue boards.

“We now believe we’re in a position to influence the private member’s bill.

“However, we can’t do it alone. The desire to see glue boards banned reaches throughout the government, animal welfare groups and into the hearts of private citizens.

“We’ll need the support of the entire sector if we’re to be successful in protecting your toolkit”.

Help save glue boards for professionals

To make a difference, we’ll need to collect overwhelming evidence that professionally handled glue boards protect public health.

We’re asking every pest control business owner and technician to fill out our “Save Professional Glue Boards” survey.

Take it now

Save Professional Glue Boards survey

The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete and includes providing a case study of a situation where a glue board has protected human lives.

We’ll ask if you’d be willing to write to your local MP. If your case study is selected, BPCA will help you write this.

BPCA Communications Manager, Scott Johnstone, said:

“A crucial part of our strategy is telling ‘the other side’ of the glue board story and getting the community to engage with their MPs.

“To do this, we need lots of people filling in this survey. The more detail you can provide - the better!

“Without everyone’s support we’ll fall at the first hurdle”.

Ready to help?

With enough evidence, we can meaningfully change this legislation. Please submit your response before Friday, 17 September.

Take it now

Questions about the survey or our lobbying campaign can be directed to hello@bpca.org.uk

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