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24 February 2021

Level up with the new CAT


We’ve launched a new accreditation for pest professionals who have passed their Level 2 Award and want to demonstrate their advanced industry experience.


The Certificated Advanced Technician (CAT) accreditation can be taken entirely online and replaces the Advanced Technician in Pest Management (ATPM). The accreditation verifies your experience as an advanced technician.

It’s designed for qualified professionals with at least two years’ experience working in pest management who have a solid understanding of professional practice.

How the CAT works with BPCA accreditation and qualification

Most of the accreditation is through our online learning platform, followed by a video call a few days after you complete the first four modules.

For those on BPCA Registered, you will be able to carry the Advanced Technician card after completing the accreditation.

Investing in digital

Dee Ward-Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager, said: “With Covid-19 still limiting movement across the UK, BPCA has committed to hundreds of hours of online learning and online classroom courses to help keep pest professionals developing.

“The Level 2 Award in Pest Management is BPCA’s recommended entry-level into the sector and has, for many years, provided a pathway to progression to an advanced level.

“The Certificated Advanced Technician (CAT) accreditation builds on our past work in this area, providing you with a new roadmap to advanced technician level without having to travel to an exam centre, saving you valuable time and money.”

Karen Dawes, BPCA Training Development Manager, said: “BPCA will continue to embrace technology to help pest professionals demonstrate their advanced knowledge and understanding of pest management skills.

"We hope that the CAT accreditation makes advanced technician status more accessible, no matter the size of your company or distance from a training centre.”

Need support?

Contact us today for advice on developing your skills in pest management.
01332 225 113

Interested in booking?

The CAT accreditation is available to book now. Prices start at £245 for members and £330 for non-members (+VAT).

What accreditations can you get with BPCA?

No matter where you are in your career, you can continue to advance with BPCA’s training pathway.

While other accreditations exist, we believe this is one of the best ways to keep challenging yourself and provide an even better service for your clients.

Level 2 Award in Pest Management

It’s the entry-level qualification for the vast majority of pest technicians in the UK. RSPH accredits the exam, however BPCA was instrumental in designing the qualification.

You can study for it online or at one of our residential courses, but your exam must be taken at an exam centre.

Certificated Advanced Technician (CAT) in Pest Management

After a few years of being a fully-fledged technician, it’s only natural that you’d want to put your real-world experience to the test.

This accreditation was created by BPCA and can be taken entirely online. Having passed the accreditation, you can carry the BPCA Registered Advanced Technician card (members only).

No matter where you are in your career, you can continue to advance with BPCA’s training pathway.

Certificated Technical Inspector

Retailers are placing increasing demands on pest control service companies to provide service above the level of technician.

A Technical Inspector is someone who can provide this role. To be successful, a Technical Inspector will need specialist knowledge of the retail environment and sound technical understanding of their specialist work environment.

This accreditation was created by BPCA and can only be taken at one of our physical exam days at the moment. Having passed the accreditation, you can carry the BPCA Registered Technical Inspector card (members only).

Certificated Field Biologist

Field Biologists are vital within food sites. This exam is for technicians working in the food manufacturing industry who wish to develop their skills and become Field Biologists. This accreditation involves an exam and a portfolio, plus plenty of industry experience.

This accreditation was created by BPCA and can only be taken at one of our physical exam days at the moment. Having passed the accreditation, you can carry the BPCA Registered Field Biologist card (members only).

Master Technician

Although not technically an accreditation, the BPCA Master Technician card is available to members on BPCA Registered only. It’s awarded by application only.

You must evidence, among other criteria, that you are highly qualified, have been influential in supporting the industry and have driven professionalism across the sector.

Get your hands on an Advanced Technician card

If you’re on BPCA Registered, passing your CAT accreditation will entitle you to an upgraded Advanced Technician BPCA Registered card. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

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