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30 August 2018

The importance of Continual Professional Development (CPD) in pest management

We've announced BPCA Registered, an in-house Individual Recognition and Continual Professional Development (CPD) Scheme. We take a look at the scheme and the role CPD has in the pest management industry.

28 August 2018

Pelsis and Curtis Gilmour announce joining of brand portfolios and operations

The Directors of Pelsis Holdings (UK) Ltd and Curtis Gilmour Inc. are pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached to bring together the brand portfolios and operations of the two companies with immediate effect.

14 August 2018

Pests on farms and in grain stores

As soon as you start to accumulate large amounts of food in one place, pests will always become a problem. We take a look at the pest problems farms and grain stores have and ask what should you expect from your pest controller.

08 August 2018

No deal - HSE Chemicals EU Exit workshop

BPCA Field Officer, Natalie Bungay, went along to the HSE's Chemicals EU Exit Workshop to find out how chemical regulation could be affected if we left the EU without a deal.

07 August 2018

Free information materials support CPD and best practice for rodent control

A new set of information materials supporting effective and responsible rodenticide use has been published by UK Rodenticide Stewardship and is available free of charge to all users.

07 August 2018

MEMtoring; can you help shape the future of pest control?

MEMtoring is an integral part of BPCA's forthcoming individual recognition scheme, where it places practical skills at the heart of learning and development.

26 July 2018

40% of farmers still consider permanent rodenticide baiting essential

In a recent survey conducted by CRRU UK, permanent rodenticide baiting is still considered essential by more than 1-in-3 farmer - contrary to stewardship guidelines.

26 July 2018

10 tips for keeping rats and wasps out of your bins this Summer

With Britain currently in the grip of an unprecedented heatwave, we’ve put together some advice for stopping rats and wasps getting into your household rubbish.

19 July 2018

Wasps and rodents on the rise as temperatures soar

It is looking like a bumper year for pests, with the heatwave providing perfect conditions for wasps, rats and mice to thrive, according to industry experts.

17 July 2018

Reported surge in fly bites and advice to public

BPCA is issuing advice to the public to be pest aware following a reported increase in the number of fly bites.

11 July 2018

BPCA scoops award for social media excellence

Last night, at the Trade Association Forum’s awards evening, BPCA won the Best Practice Award for Social Media 2018.

09 July 2018

RAMPS UK launch the updated 2018 Code of Good Practice and new label tags for Phostoxin® and Talunex®

Label changes in the conditions relating to the use of both Phostoxin® and Talunex® for the nonagricultural control of brown rats resulted in the UK marketing companies putting a temporary suspension on the use of both products for rodent control unt

09 July 2018

Electronic tags for anti-social invasive pests

To protect the UK’s honeybee populations, scientists have trialled electronically tagging invasive Asian Hornets.

06 July 2018

Your helpful-friend: who are the BPCA technical team, and what do they do?

BPCA has a full-time pest control Technical team who are there to support our members – but who’s on the team and what sort of support can they give? We thought it was worth giving you a proper introduction to our Tech team.

06 July 2018

New Sales Executive joins BPCA

Professional salesperson Beth Reed has joined the BPCA Staff team as our new Sales Executive.

06 July 2018

Bed bug project receives government funding

A product designed to “revolutionise how bed bugs are tackled” is being supported by Innovate UK's latest open funding competition.

06 July 2018

BASIS PROMPT appoints data manager to launch training “check-in” system

BASIS PROMPT has taken on an IT manger to manage data and take the lead in a digital transformation project designed to help it improve its service to its members.

05 July 2018

The future of heat treatments

Do you specialise in heat treatment? If so, then BPCA's Fumigation and Controlled Environments (FacE) Forum would like your help.

05 July 2018

EN 16636 certified contributing factor to City contract

South London-based Beaver Pest Control has been awarded the pest control contract for the City of London Corporation.

05 July 2018

Round-up of CEPA’s European Forum: Global Summit of Pest Management Services 2018

Pest management professionals, companies and trade associations from across the world assembled in Portugal’s Coastal town of Cascais for the third Global Summit on 4 June.

26 June 2018

Julia, Tim and Louise join BPCA Board

Today after the Associations 2018 AGM, BPCA’s Executive Board formally welcomed three new members to its committee.

26 June 2018

BPCA to launch in house professional recognition and CPD scheme

Today after its AGM, BPCA announced that it plans to introduce a professional recognition scheme incorporating CPD as a new member benefit from 2019 onwards.

15 June 2018

Wasps going on? The changing pattern of summer pest behaviour

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is urging the public to be on their guard for wasps as they anticipate a significant increase in prevalence this summer.

14 June 2018

Guidance for the frequency of checking snap-break back traps available for BPCA members

BPCA has produced a guidance document to help our members decide how often they need to check their snapback/break-back traps.

14 June 2018

New Code of Best Practice: The Use of Air Guns in Pest Control

The new Code of Best Practice for The Use of Air Guns in Pest Control is now available to download.

11 June 2018

Alpha Pest Control celebrates its silver anniversary

BPCA member, Alpha Pest Control, has celebrated 25 years of service to the pest control industry.

04 June 2018

World Pest Day: What would the world be like without pest control?

6 June 2018 is the second ever World Pest Day. To mark the occasion, we’re imagining what would be different in a world without any pest management.

23 May 2018

Interesting rat behaviour caught on camera

Most of us get pretty upset when we see a rat stealing food from a bird table, but what if we spotted a rat eating the birds right out of the trees themselves? That's precisely the moment a photographer captured on camera in Lincolnshire.

21 May 2018

Your say: Public consultation on drones (unmanned aircraft)

The EC is conducting an open public consultation relating to the possible adoption of rules applicable to drone operations. Any changes in the rules may affect pest management companies that use drones as a tool within their business.

11 May 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: PPC Live 2018 in review

PPC Live 2018 in numbers. Take look at the feedback, stats and figures from pest controls's biggest get together this year!

11 May 2018

The big pest control get together: a look back at PPC Live 2018

Third time’s the charm for BPCA’s roaming trade show, PPC Live. With more visitors, exhibitors, and positive feedback than ever before – we’re calling it a win for everyone involved.

11 May 2018

Leave it to the professionals: Considering the bigger picture of pest control

Director of Precision Pest Management Solutions and BPCA Executive Board Member, Mike Ayers, shares his thoughts on why it’s now more important than ever for BPCA members to mobilise and consider the bigger picture of pest control.

11 May 2018

Road trip to success: BPCA Strategic Plan 2018-2020

BPCA reveal their updated strategic plan 2018-2020 which includes commentary from our Chief Exec, Ian Andrew.

11 May 2018

Biological and environmental factors affecting wasp numbers

A good wasp season can give the diligent pest controller a tidy profit, and so there is the temptation to rely on these returns in subsequent years. However wasp work can be a fickle game, and you could find yourself facing a tight squeeze because wa

11 May 2018

Back to Basics: Flying insect control and IPM

One day I’ll fly away… but until then, we’ll press ahead practising the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) with vigour, says Ralph Izod, Managing Director of BPCA member company Dyno-Pest.

11 May 2018

Talking to pest control customers about bees

BPCA’s newest special interest group, Beewise, has been put to work trying to take the sting out of communicating with clients about bees around the home.

11 May 2018

'Bee-wise' this Spring

British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is issuing an appeal to the British public to be ‘bee aware’ as warmer weather looms.

10 May 2018

NYC study reveals the dangers of mice

Study finds New York mice harboured disease-causing bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes.

10 May 2018

Controlling flies in commercial food sites

Although rodent infestations tend to be considered a more extreme issue by customers, flying insects that can pose the greatest risk to the contamination of products and packaging. Chris Cagienard makes a case for how and why we prioritise flying ins

10 May 2018

Pestwatch: Queen wasps

For our second in-depth PestWatch feature, we are doffing our caps to the most regal of all the species pest controllers are likely to encounter - the queen wasp.

10 May 2018

Formulating an effective insect control plan

With an extensive variety of insecticides available on the market there are many factors to take into consideration when selecting an appropriate product for a job. Bayer Technical Manager, Richard Moseley, gives his top tips for choosing the right p

10 May 2018

Meet the member: Talking client-based growth with Dyno-Pest

In this issue’s Meet the Member we catch up with Ralph Izod, the Founder and Managing Director of longstanding BPCA member Dyno-Pest.

10 May 2018

If you don’t look after your pest control customers, someone else will!

What does it means to look after the pest control clients and what are the potential cost implications of dropping the ball? We ask Martin Harvey from Harvey Environmental Services to share his thoughts.

10 May 2018

Bidding for pest control contract tenders

We've put a guide together for how pest management companies can win bigger contracts by putting themselves out there and bidding for pest control contracts.

10 May 2018

Top 5 BPCA member benefits for getting more customers

There are lots of reasons for joining a trade association but ultimately people choose BPCA because we make your business more profitable. These are our top five member benefits that help you attract (and retain) new clients.

10 May 2018

Data driven customer relationship management for pest control companies

Michael Collins is Managing Consultant at Database Marketing Counsel providing database marketing and CRM consultancy. He turns his attention to the world of pest control to help us rethink how we collect and use our customer data.

10 May 2018

Spent gases: In-transit fumigation risks, safety and opportunity

Martin Cobbald, Chair of the Fumigation and Controlled Environment (FaCE) Forum briefs us on in-transit fumigations, keeping customers safe, and getting paid in the process.

09 May 2018

Wasp Nest BINGO!

Are you a pest technician who’s seen it all? Time to prove it! Eyes down, look in and play...WASPS NEST BINGO!

09 May 2018

Bee-wise this Spring

BPCA is issuing a timely message for those who find swarms or nests in or near their home to avoid seeing them as a pest, and seek expert help to ensure they are protected.

08 May 2018

World’s largest rodent eradication project declared a success

The UK Overseas Territory of South Georgia is officially declared free of rodents for the first time since humans arrived on the island, due to the world's largest rodent control programme.

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22 September 2020

Latest news

Are you ready for a Covid-19 Secure HSE inspection?

With HSE and Local Authorities ramping up their inspection activity, it’s more important than ever that your pest management company is Covid-secure. Nothing about the pandemic has

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18 September 2020

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BPCA highly commended in awards for ‘membership organisation of the year’

BPCA has won a highly commended award for ‘membership organisation of the year’ at the 2020 Memcom excellence awards.  BPCA picked up the accolade in the most prestigious

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18 September 2020

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JOIN IN: Two new BPCA Committees now recruiting

BPCA is calling out for employees of member companies to join our new committees. The Outreach & Communication Committee and the Professional Standards Committee will launch later this year.&nbs

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25 September 2020

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New business support measures announced by Chancellor

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced new business support measures that pest management companies may be able to take advantage of after the furlough scheme ends this month. Chancellor Rishi Su

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24 September 2020

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Interested in taking part in the Kickstart job scheme?

BPCA is considering becoming an intermediary for the Government's Kickstart scheme and is looking for member companies to register their interest in being involved. The Kickstart Sch

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24 September 2020

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UPDATED: Advice for pest professionals operating during Covid-19 pandemic

This article is not a replacement for the guidance given by medical professionals nor official advice provided by the UK Government on Covid-19. You must always follow the latest Government adv

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