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27 November 2020

Registrations opens for PestExtra: the pest management show

Registration open! Discover the latest pest control science, technology and innovation at the UK’s online trade show and conference for pest management.

27 November 2020

Practical rabbit management: part two

In his previous article in PPC100, Dave Archer looked at the history and legal aspects of rabbit management. In part two, he jumps straight into the practicalities of controlling rabbits.

27 November 2020

The risk of zoonotic disease in pest control environments

Anyone who works around animals has an increased risk of picking up a nasty zoonotic disease. It’s up to us to be able to protect ourselves, our clients and our clients’ clients from the diseases pest species can transmit.

27 November 2020

Infection and immunity in wild rodents - the zoo of infections

Covid-19, Ebola and HIV originated in animals. The Covid-19 pandemic has rightly refocused our attention to the infections of wild animals. Professor Viney shares his research on the ‘zoo of infections’ living in our pest rodents and what it could me

27 November 2020

PESTWATCH: Bed bugs - fail to prepare, prepare to fail

In this PestWatch, BPCA Technical Manager Dee Ward-Thompson takes a look at why bed bugs are so difficult to control and what pest technicians can do to reduce the risk of failed treatments.

26 November 2020

Survey shows dust formulations preferred by pest controllers

Tim Peeling, product manager at BPCA member Bayer, takes a look at the findings of their summer wasp study.

26 November 2020

Ask the technical team December 2020

Proactive squirrel control, multiple rodenticide usage, test and trace and insect identification are all covered in this issue of Ask the BPCA technical team.

26 November 2020

Tackling rodent resistance

Rodent pests resistant to commonly used anticoagulant rodenticides have been identified in areas of the UK and the increase in numbers of these so-called ‘super rats’ presents a challenge to pest controllers.

26 November 2020

What to do if you don’t win a pest management tender

Facing rejection can be tough, especially when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into bidding for a tender. Tips on how to improve your tender submissions based on your previous failed submissions.

26 November 2020

Work Smarter with ServSuite (Sponsored)

ServSuite™ is an enterprise, cloud-based software solution especially designed and developed for the Pest Control Industry.

26 November 2020

How can pest management companies prepare as the end of the Brexit transition period looms?

We summarise what we know about the end of the brexit transition period and what’ll be different on 1 January 2021.

26 November 2020

INFOGRAPHIC: Covid-19 impact study: where are we now?

We repeated the Covid-19 pest management impact study to see how the sector is coping six months on, and 708 people responded.

26 November 2020

The power of print for pest management companies

We asked Andrew Pearce to assess how he thinks print can promote your pest control company.

26 November 2020

INFOGRAPHIC: BPCA Draft Strategy 2021-20XX

The BPCA Executive Board, Staff team, Servicing Committee, M&D Committee and a focus group of members have been working together to draft a strategy for 2021.

26 November 2020

Meet the member: It’s a dog’s life with Cape SPC

CAPE SPC’s Luke Jones talks about going from life in the British Army to hitting the road with working dogs.

26 November 2020

Meet your new BPCA board members 2020

Earlier this year, at the 2020 annual general meeting, five new representatives were elected to the BPCA Executive Board.

19 November 2020

BPCA launch new online accreditation: Certificated Advanced Technician (CAT) in Pest Management

BPCA is proud to launch a new accreditation for pest professionals who have passed their Level 2 Award and want to demonstrate their advanced industry experience.

18 November 2020

Killgerm sponsored PhD research looking for applicants

A fantastic opportunity to apply for a fully funded University of Reading PhD research project on rodents, pathogens and antimicrobial resistance.

17 November 2020

Guest blog: Contego mental health champion appointed

In this guest blog, Laura Galloway, from BPCA member company Contego, talks about how the negative impacts of Covid-19 restrictions inspired the business to appoint a mental health champion for employees.

16 November 2020

VIDEO: Google's game-changing ad platform for Pest Control

In this video, guest webinar speakers Cathal O'Sullivan and Dave Gibson discuss how Google is reshaping the way customers search for pest control services.

16 November 2020

Pelsis announces launch of Envirostop non-target species barrier

BPCA member Pelsis announces launch of the Envirostop non-target species barrier for Neo rodent station.

10 November 2020

Cholecalciferol rodenticides covered by stewardship regime

Rodenticides based on cholecalciferol are subject to conditions of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime, operated by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK.

09 November 2020

BPCA warns of second spike in rodent activity

Householders and businesses should be on the look-out for signs of an infestation as rats and mice head indoors for winter.

09 November 2020

Defra publishes 2021 general licences for wild bird control

Today (9 November 2020), Defra has published three new general licences for wild bird control which will come into effect in England on 1 January 2021.

05 November 2020

Kevin Higgins leaves BPCA as Membership Manager

We’re sad to report Kevin has said his farewells to the Association, after 12 years on the BPCA Staff team.

04 November 2020

Check for clusters of cockroaches as heating goes on this autumn

Heating ducts and pipes can be prime spots for cockroaches as the heating goes on in the autumn, a national trade body has warned.

04 November 2020

BASF introduces new Cholecalciferol-based rodenticide bait in Europe

BPCA member BASF has officially launched Selontra, a rodenticide bait containing new active Cholecalciferol for use by pest professionals.

04 November 2020

Rentokil launches Flexi Armour Dock pest proofing product

BPCA member Rentokil releases new pest management product to help prevent pest infestations in warehouses and supermarkets.

03 November 2020

Opportunity to support Church Farm pest control training centre

Steve Havers, Church Farm's owner, is looking for a new tenant at the famous pest management training and product testing facility.

03 November 2020

Scoring a century - BPCA Registered technician aims for 100 CPD points

Not content with a mere 20 points, Kevin Pugh from Pest Solutions set himself an ambitious goal of getting to 100 BPCA Registered CPD points this year.

03 November 2020

BPCA member Spotta puts bed bugs to the test with smart pest monitoring

Huge reduction in hotel guests finding bed bugs during the first full year of Spotta's smart pest system real-world operations.

02 November 2020

Covid-19 second wave and what pest companies need to know

As a spike in Covid-19 cases sweeps the UK, we take a look at the restrictions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and what pest management companies need to know.

02 November 2020

England to enter second lockdown - what does that mean for pest professionals?

England is set to go into a second "circuit breaker" style lockdown this week, following a rise in Covid-19 cases.

22 October 2020

Know your zoonosis – CRRU on rodent to human disease transfer

Phil Christopher, CRRU, reminds pest management professionals to take the opportunity to explain why we control rats, by looking at the zoonotic diseases rodents carry.

22 October 2020

VIDEO: Squirrel control for pest professionals

In this video Natalie discusses the key points to consider when controlling squirrels.

22 October 2020

OPINION: When will professional users of rodenticides wake up to the potential consequences of their actions?

Dr John Simmons, Acheta Consulting, writes about the consequences of not taking rodenticide resistance seriously following a CRRU statement about new survey results.

21 October 2020

Scottish petition to ban glue boards closed 

A Scottish Parliament petitions committee meeting last month agreed that the petition to ban glue boards in Scotland is to be closed.

20 October 2020

Going, Glowing, Gone – Syngenta release new Talon Glow

BPCA Manufacturing and Distributor member Syngenta has released new addition to the Talon rodenticide range.

20 October 2020

Surprise resistance surveillance results prompt wake-up call

The spread of rats against which some rodenticides don't work has taken a "surprising and troubling" turn, according to Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use.

19 October 2020

Wales goes into lockdown - what does that mean for pest professionals?

Wales will go into a "short, sharp" national lockdown from Friday 23 October, with people told to stay home once more.

16 October 2020

Pelsis announce launch of new electrostatic ULV fogger in fight against Covid-19 

BPCA member and global manufacturer of hygiene and pest control products Pelsis Group have launched a new product to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

14 October 2020

New aluminium phosphide toolbox talk released for BPCA members

BPCA's technical team has created an aluminium phosphide for vertebrate control toolbox talk template for members to download.

14 October 2020

Pest Advice for controlling Cockroaches

Got some uninvited dinner guests? Is the back of your fridge home to a colony of creepy crawlies? If you find your building crawling with cockroaches, you’re in the right place.

13 October 2020

BPCA Registered: New Master Technician category available

Pest technicians on the BPCA Registered CPD scheme can now apply for a new category level.

08 October 2020

Bayer appoints new digital marketing specialist

BPCA member Bayer Environmental Science has appointed a new digital marketing specialist to support the business in providing more digital offerings.

07 October 2020

BPCA launches new digital event PestExtra as PestEx postponed until 2022

British Pest Control Association is launching a brand new digital event following the tough decision to postpone PestEx 2021.

07 October 2020

ICUP 2021 conference postponed

With much regret, the organising and executive committees of the International Conference on Urban Pests (ICUP) have decided to postpone the 10th ICUP Conference.

30 September 2020

Take steps now to stop squirrels entering your home

BPCA is urging people to take preventative pest management measures to stop squirrels getting into your roof space this winter.

25 September 2020

New business support measures announced by Chancellor

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced new business support measures that pest management companies may be able to take advantage of after the furlough scheme ends next month.

24 September 2020

Interested in taking part in the Kickstart job scheme?

BPCA is considering becoming an intermediary for the Government's Kickstart scheme and is looking for member companies to register their interest in being involved.

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31 March 2021

Latest news

Postponement of approval expiry dates for renewals of 8 active substances

HSE has agreed a postponement of the approval expiry dates for eight active substances which were due to lapse within the next six months.  Under the GB Biocidal Products Regulation, where

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26 February 2021

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Professional Pest Controller issue 102 (PPC102) out now

CONTENTS | PPC102 MARCH 2021 Professional pest controller magazine issue 102 is out now and available to read online for free. The magazine can be read online or d

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03 February 2021

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HSE issues advice on Covid-19 disinfection services and warns of legal consequences

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued guidance on disinfecting using fog and mist during the Covid pandemic. All pest management companies carrying out these services should pa

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16 April 2021

Latest news

BPCA shortlisted for Association Excellence Awards 2021

BPCA is delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in three different categories at the Association Excellence Awards (AEA). The Association Excellence Awards recognise and c

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16 April 2021

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VIDEO: Managing bees in pest control environments

As a pest management technician, understanding when and how to deal with bees can be a challenge. In this video, Natalie Bungay looks at bee behaviour, identification and control options which

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14 April 2021

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Grain store pest protection webinar - register now!

BPCA member Lodi UK will host their first ever webinar to advise growers, agronomists, and pest controllers on the latest best practice on effective grain store pest protection. What

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