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14 October 2020

New aluminium phosphide toolbox talk released for BPCA members

A new aluminium phosphide toolbox talk template, for BPCA members and their employees to use, has been uploaded to the Member Documents Area (login required).


Aluminium Phosphide, if not used correctly, is extremely dangerous. Used to control rats, rabbits, moles, pest technicians should be proficient in the safe storage, transportation and application of Aluminium Phosphide. 

It is also important to understand the label conditions of this highly toxic chemical. 

This toolbox talk gives you a good idea of what to cover and the means to record the meeting.

Make sure you get the attendees to sign the record too.

And don't forget: make sure you send us a copy of your toolbox talk so we can add BPCA Registered CPD points for all participants.

Visit the Member Documents Area (login required) to access the toolbox talk templates.


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