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10 August 2020

New pesticide labels toolbox talk released for BPCA members

A new pesticide labels toolbox talk template, for BPCA members and their employees to use, has been uploaded to the Member Documents Area (login required).


It is important that employers make sure that their employees are keeping up with pesticide label conditions.

In this ever-changing pest management industry, it is a great idea to ensure that labels are being read on a regular basis and, that employees actually understand what is on a label, what it’s legal relevance is and what could happen if they do not follow the conditions.

This toolbox talk gives you a good idea of what to cover and the means to record the meeting.

Make sure you get the attendees to sign the record too.

And don't forget: make sure you send us a copy of your toolbox talk so we can add BPCA Registered CPD points for all participants.

Visit the Member Documents Area (login required) to access the toolbox talk templates.


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