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11 July 2016

Proactive public health pest management

The British Pest Control Association's (BPCA) Servicing Committee Chair, Philip Halpin puts forward his three golden rules for effective pest management.

BPCA recognise that reputations can be ruined and businesses destroyed if pest activity is allowed to develop in sites and businesses. Media coverage can be sudden and intense with social networking making it easier than ever to report pest infestations, throwing organisations into the media limelight without always considering the facts. 

Phil Halpin, Chair of BPCA Services Committee and Managing Director of Countrywide Pest Management said,

‘Businesses who do not take control of their pest problems can not only invoke the wrath of the local community but also risk further damage to operating profits lost through reputational damages'.

Phil recommends the following three rules for proactive pest management;

1. Know your enemy
Understand the types of pests that are most likely to vacate business premises in and around your area. For example, if food, water and shelter are all easily accessible expect to see evidence of rats, mice and problem birds.

2. Spotting the Problem
The several tell-tale signs of infestation can be droppings, strong unpleasant odours, scattered nesting materials and damages to facilities or business premises.

3. Prevention - Good Housekeeping
Importantly, tidy up any storage or food areas, cut back on clutter, manage all waste disposal carefully and keep vegetation around buildings short and tidy.

And if the worst was to happen...

Appointing a professional pest controller is often the best way of preventing an infestation in the first place. Good contractors will regularly inspect premises for you and recommend improvements in housekeeping and proofing measures. Should the worst happen they will quickly be able to implement an effective control programme.

BPCA offer a free independent pest controller finding service, informative advice on dealing with all different types of pests and a popular blog ‘Alexo' designed to keep businesses informed about public health pest control.


Find a Pest Controller
Alexo (public health pest control blog)
A to Z of pests
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