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16 January 2019

Ficam® D successfully re-approved for future use… but with caveat

BPCA member company, Bayer has announced that Ficam® D has been reapproved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). However, the new label will no longer allow for the use of this pesticide outdoors.

Bayer states that Ficam® D (UK-2018-1136) is used for over 95% of wasp nest treatments in the UK.

Ficam D reapproved by HSE

The new label requirements, applied to the product by HSE, will limit its use to indoors only.

Although the re-approval comes with the caveat that Ficam® D can only be applied indoors, our regulatory team has worked with the HSE to ensure that treatments can still be made to internal voids while the operative is outdoors.

Steve Bishop, Bayer Product Manager

Ficam® D will be available with an updated label from the end of January 2019, stating the new areas of use.

Any current stock can still be used up to 25 July 2019.

Dee Ward-Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager, said on the changes:

“It’s always disappointing to see the arsenal of tools we use to protect public health get smaller – even if it’s not unsurprising.

"Chemical manufacturers work incredibly hard to keep products on the shelves. I have no doubt that the Bayer Pest Solutions Team presented a compelling case to get their product reapproved."

More generally on wasp control, Dee said:

"Many of our European colleagues have no access to Ficam® D at all. For a trained professional, the alteration of a product label won’t stop them from being able to protect homes and businesses.

"Bayer is offering advice specifically on the label change, and your supplier will be able to help you with more general questions.

"The BPCA Technical team is on hand for BPCA member companies."

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