02 September 2020

Bayer launch new digital rodent pest management system

BPCA member Bayer reveals a new digital pest control system, which aims to help pest management professionals control rodents in retail outlets, places of food production and warehouse facilities.


Tim Peeling, Bayer product manager, says rodent infestations can really damage brand reputation and the new system a useful tool for pest managers to effectively maximise control in commercial settings.

“Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, Bayer’s digital pest management system offers real-time data across a large network of traps in multiple locations.

“The system provides a full data history, which allows pest managers to accurately report on their results, improving traceability and transparency for business owners,” he adds.

Tim adds that the system is designed to support pest managers, not replace them.

Tim explains the system also helps pest managers save time.

“It notifies the user once a rodent is caught, showing exactly which trap is activated, and the location.

“This removes the requirement to manually check traps on a regular basis and the alert system allows them to respond to the infestations much quicker, in the hope of minimising rodent activity where possible,” he adds.

Tim adds that the system is designed to support pest managers, not replace them.

“Currently, pest managers are faced with the daily challenge of balancing time, reporting infestations, and offering transparency and traceability for businesses. This digital pest management system offers a solution to these challenges that allows them to manage their time and respond quicker,” explains Tim.

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Source: Bayer press release