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30 April 2020

Dear CPD Diary

Training | PPC99 May 2020

In this article, we asked our BPCA Registered team to provide some continuining professional development inspiration for pest professionals.


BPCA Registered has been up and running for well over a year now. The scheme allows pest professionals to record their own CPD, rather than relying solely on third-party events, quizzes and training courses.

The best continuing professional development is when you mix the sources of your learning.

We wanted to show you some sample CPD diaries to give you a bit of inspiration for your continuing professional development.

Remember, anything that you learn that helps you do your job can be recorded as part of your required 20 CPD points on BPCA Registered. One hour of learning = one CPD point.

These are all real entries on the BPCA scheme. We’ve taken them from multiple people’s diaries, and some of the details were changed for anonymity.

dear-cpd-diary entry 1

dear-cpd-diary entry 2

Ready to record some CPD?

If you’re already on BPCA Registered, you can start recording your meaningful CPD now.

It works nicely on your mobile phone, tablet or your computer and only takes a minute to submit each new CPD activity.

Your CPD diary is a great place to store all your learning and achievements.

When it comes to your appraisals, it’s the perfect way to discuss your professionalism with your line manager.

For advice on how to log unstructured CPD, visit


If your company is interested in joining BPCA Registered, then contact our team today.

Source: PPC99

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