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03 November 2020

Scoring a century - BPCA Registered technician aims for 100 CPD points

Each year, as part of the BPCA membership criteria, we require member company employees to gain 20 CPD points to ensure continued competence as a pest technician. It’s nice to keep the old noggin ticking over.

Not content with a mere 20 points, Kevin Pugh from Pest Solutions set himself an ambitious goal of getting to 100 CPD points this year. 


He’s currently on 80, with another 13 points’ worth of training already booked in before the end of 2020. 

With the inclusion of some unstructured CPD, it’s highly likely that Kevin will exceed his goal.

Kevin said:

“As a rookie pest controller, having only worked in the industry for a year, I saw working through the CPD activities as a great way of expanding my knowledge.

“I didn't set myself any targets but when it became apparent I had a chance of hitting the 100 point mark I immediately decided to go for it! 

“Pest Solutions have been incredibly supportive and enrolled me for various courses, giving me a real opportunity of reaching my goal. 

“I also sat my Level 2 Award in Pest Management earlier this year, and I found the CPD quizzes and reading material a useful revision aid for the exam.

“I found out recently that I passed, which has given me another 27 points. However I want to reach my goal without the addition of these points, so fingers crossed I can get it over the line.”


Pest Solutions has supported Kevin and his 100 point target throughout the membership year. Director and Field Biologist Chris Cagienard said:

“Since joining BPCA Registered at its outset as our chosen CPD scheme, we have been delighted at the wide range of accessible learning opportunities that have been made available to supplement our normal structured training plan. 

“All of our team have found it straightforward to engage in training to meet their CPD point requirement, with many of them making an effort to gain extra points, by undertaking some of the additional training available. 

“In particular I have been thoroughly impressed by Kevin’s desire to aim high and set himself a goal of achieving 100 points. He has been diligent and dedicated in doing this and has done so with minimal disruption to his work schedule. 

“Since joining Pest Solutions from a career in the washroom industry he has been a great addition to the team with many of his customers providing positive feedback and reviews.

“As a company we believe that the more skilled our people are the better the job they will do for our customers. 

“I would encourage any BPCA Registered technicians to invest in themselves and make the most of the opportunities available, as you will always get out what you put in.”

Karen Dawes, BPCA training manager, commented:

“Kevin has a great attitude towards CPD; not only has he achieved a high level of points, but the CPD he’s doing is also focussed around his own planned development, incorporating a mix of both structured and unstructured CPD. 

“This challenging year has pushed BPCA to develop our online learning options and provide more digital CPD solutions. 

“Kevin has taken advantage of that, using all the resources available to him. From a BPCA Registered perspective, this is a stand out achievement - well done, Kevin!”


If you’d like to give Kevin a run for his money but need some CPD inspiration, get in touch with our team.

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