07 December 2018

2018 through the eyes of BPCA's CEO

Ian Andrew, BPCA's CEO shares his high, and not so high points of 2018. As we rush headlong towards the end of 2018, it is always good to take time to pause at this time of year and reflect on what have been the high points and low points of the

06 December 2018

Health and safety knowledge is power

Health and safety can strike fear into the most competent of pest control business owners. Risk assessments, policies, and health surveillance can shrink our confidence into a puddle of uncertainty. We want to give a little bit of history on hea

06 December 2018

British Pest Management Awards ceremony just made PestEx that little bit bigger

With the number of enquiries for BPMA tickets, BPCA has decided to move the awards ceremony from the Giant Robot on Canary Wharf, to PestEx – the pest management show. PestEx is the largest gathering of pest management professionals in the

05 December 2018

WIN: Get registered for PestEx, and you could win £100

To celebrate PestEx selling out of exhibition stands with over four months to go, BPCA is offering all preregistered guests the chance to win £100 cash. PestEx – the pest management show, is entirely free to attend. To be

03 December 2018

'Super rat' hotspots surround central data void

New hotspots of rats that are resistant to anticoagulant rodenticides have been identified by monitoring carried out at The University of Reading.  The study was commissioned by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) under its

26 November 2018

VIDEO: Pest management training with the British Pest Control Association

We take pest control seriously at the British Pest Control Association. If you know a little, you’ll make a little impact. But if you know a lot then, well, your impact is potentially huge. We've put together a video so you can better

15 November 2018

Rentokil Initial wins CBRE Innovation of the Year Award for its PestConnect system

BPCA member Rentokil Initial’s PestConnect system has won the Innovation of the Year Award at CBRE’s Annual Supply Chain Innovation Competition ‘The Great Idea’. CBRE is the world’s largest commercial real estate an

15 November 2018

BPCA President to stand down

Tom Holmes, current BPCA President will stand down from his role as he leaves the industry. Tom, who is Head of Durable Product Development at Pelsis Group was elected BPCA President in June 2017 after twelve months as Vice President, follo

15 November 2018

BPCA reaches 500 Servicing Company members

The Association has this month reached the significant milestone of 500 full servicing member companies. BPCA last year celebrated its 75th anniversary after being set up in 1942 and is now celebrating reaching the ‘fantastic’ milest

30 October 2018

Against all odds – Developing BPCA’s training offering

Meet the team | Blog With BPCA’s new Individual Recognition scheme just around the corner, we thought we’d catch up with Training and Development Manager, Karen Dawes, and see what her department has been up to this year. Pla

29 October 2018

VIDEO: Why do we control and manage pests in the UK?

There’s good reason to be concerned about a pest infestation when it strikes. Rats, mice, bed bugs, wasps, cockroaches, flies and fleas can all be dangerous, complicated and distressing, so when an infestation occurs, it’s difficult to kn

12 November 2018

Bayer help educate the scientists of the future

As the importance of educating children in scientific subjects and encouraging practical learning rises up the agenda, BPCA member company, Bayer is working to help pupils learn about some of the basic scientific principles that underpin many pest co

23 October 2018

New member benefit: Springboard recruitment offer

BPCA has reached an agreement with pest control recruitment company Springboard Recruit to offer members preferential rates. Springboard Recruit help pest management companies source staff to fill their job vacancies quickly. 

15 November 2018

eBay BPCA and Crop Protection Association leading the way on stewardship of online pesticides sales

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Crop Protection Association, and eBay have worked together to help stop unauthorised pesticides sales happening online. After several meetings, it’s now clear that all three organisations are wo

17 October 2018

Bird of prey poisonings in Scotland at record low

Only a single case of illegal bird of prey poisoning was recorded in Scotland throughout 2017 – the lowest number since records began. The Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime in Scotland (PAW) reported a 36% fall in all recorded

17 October 2018

How to write a winning British Pest Management Award entry

Nominations are coming in thick and fast for the second ever British Pest Management Awards. We wanted to make sure that anyone thinking about entering an award had the guidance they need to confidently enter themselves or a colleague. The 

17 October 2018

VIDEO: Choosing a professional pest controller

Pest management is more than just picking a pesticide. Too often we see botched amateur pest control that's left someone with a worse infestation than when they started. Watch our video all about why you should be professionally protected,

17 October 2018

Chemicals and Brexit: What "no deal" would mean to us

The HSE has released a series of technical documents to help people prepare if the UK leaves the European Union in a no-deal scenario.  The seven published documents are: Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulation -

15 October 2018

Cleankill toasts success at 2018 Croydon business awards

BPCA Member company, Cleankill Pest Control was named Croydon’s ‘Best Employer’ at the 2018 Croydon Business Excellence Awards. In addition, the company was also Commended in the category for ‘Best SME&rs

11 October 2018

Bayer launches app update

BPCA member company Bayer Pest Solutions is launching an improved version of their Pest Partner app. The rejuvenated tool will incorporate the features from the current app while bringing new innovations to assist pest controllers. The Pest Pa

10 October 2018

UPDATE: Can you permanent bait with rodenticides?

There’s been a lot of talk about whether pest controllers can legally permanently bait, and in what situations. There’s a lot of confusing information about how this works in practice, so we’ve put together a recap to help

09 October 2018

Committees, renewals and BPCA Registered

Meet the team | Blog With membership renewals and a significant new membership benefit just around the corner, we catch up with Membership Officer, Rachel Eyre as she prepares for her busiest time of the year. I’m sure plenty of&nb

09 October 2018

New Label Design Manager for PelGar

BPCA member PelGar International is delighted to welcome Dr David Hall to its technical team as their new Label Design Manager . David is a rodent biologist with over twenty years of pest control experience. His PhD was on the ecology

09 October 2018

PestEx registration opens on new website

Registration for PestEx – the pest management show, is now open and can be completed through its own brand-new website. Anyone interested in public health pest control can attend PestEx 2019 – the pest management show for free by r

08 October 2018

Dare you enter the House of Pests?

Press release | PestAware The trade body for pest management in the UK has created an online experience where you can step into the shoes of a pest control technician and discover household pests in a virtual home. The new, interact