12 October 2018

Reprotoxicity and what it really means for pest controllers

The introduction of the phrase “may damage the unborn child” alongside an image of an exploding heart CLP symbol to rodenticides has certainly raised a few eyebrows. We asked BPCA Technical Officer, Natalie Bungay to give us a back-to-bas

11 October 2018

Bayer launches app update

BPCA member company Bayer Pest Solutions is launching an improved version of their Pest Partner app. The rejuvenated tool will incorporate the features from the current app while bringing new innovations to assist pest controllers. The Pest Pa

10 October 2018

UPDATE: Can you permanent bait with rodenticides?

There’s been a lot of talk about whether pest controllers can legally permanently bait, and in what situations. There’s a lot of confusing information about how this works in practice, so we’ve put together a recap to help

09 October 2018

Committees, renewals and BPCA Registered

Meet the team | Blog With membership renewals and a significant new membership benefit just around the corner, we catch up with Membership Officer, Rachel Eyre as she prepares for her busiest time of the year. I’m sure plenty of&nb

09 October 2018

New Label Design Manager for PelGar

BPCA member PelGar International is delighted to welcome Dr David Hall to its technical team as their new Label Design Manager . David is a rodent biologist with over twenty years of pest control experience. His PhD was on the ecology

09 October 2018

PestEx registration opens on new website

Registration for PestEx – the pest management show, is now open and can be completed through its own brand-new website. Anyone interested in public health pest control can attend PestEx 2019 – the pest management show for free by r

08 October 2018

Dare you enter the House of Pests?

Press release | PestAware The trade body for pest management in the UK has created an online experience where you can step into the shoes of a pest control technician and discover household pests in a virtual home. The new, interact

04 October 2018

UPDATED: Two pest controllers die in Norfolk

A deeply tragic incident at Banham Poultry in Norfolk has resulted in two pest controllers losing their lives.   After conducting initial assessments at the site, a police spokesman said:  “Investigating teams are now explor

03 October 2018

BPCA add Lantra Level 2 Award to membership criteria

The Lantra Level 2 Award in Pest Management is now an accepted qualification for membership of BPCA after the Executive Board voted in favour of incorporating it into criteria at its September committee meeting. The Lantra Level 2 Award appears

18 September 2018

Rokill’s Patrick wins national award after week with BPCA

Patrick Poore of Poole based BPCA Member Rokill achieved the highest marks in the RSPH Level 2 Award for Pest Management examination across the last 12 months, throughout the UK. Patrick attended the General Pest Control (GPC) course with

17 September 2018

Tougher rodenticide rules for farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers on permanent baiting

Tougher restrictions on permanent rodenticide baiting by farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers, with legal backing, have been introduced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the UK rodenticide regulatory body. A detailed booklet, CRRU G

17 September 2018

North West Regional Forum talk: Understand our businesses better, says food industry

Events | Online  The food industry wants pest controllers to get to know their businesses better, according to new research.   70% of respondents would like more time spent educating their teams on potential site risks, an

13 September 2018

RRAG publishes updated resistance guidance for the Norway rat

RRAG's latest paper on Anticoagulant Resistance in the Norway Rat and guidance for the management of resistant rat infestations in the UK has been produced by Alan Buckle (University of Reading), John Charlton (John Charlton Associates), Adrian

05 September 2018

Abate commences franchise expansion plan

BPCA members, Abate Pest Management has set the wheels in motion to grow a network of pest control franchises throughout the UK. The business from Morley near Wymondham is owned by husband and wife team, Jon and Jill Blake, started operating in

03 September 2018

PPC92 out now

Professional Pest Controller issue 92 is out now and available completely for free. The BPCA member and industry magazine is packed full of all the latest pest control news and features (Sept 2018). View the latest issue The magazine

03 September 2018

President foreword: I know where the summer goes

President foreword | PPC92 Last time we spoke I started by wishing us all for better weather – well we certainly got that, didn’t we? I hope that the heatwave has resulted in positive outcomes for you and your business.

03 September 2018

Chief Exec viewpoint: First 100(ish) days

Chief Exec viewpoint | PPC91 May 2018 Oh, the glamour of being a CEO. In my first hundred days in the job I have trudged around a caravan park in Bridlington when the Beast from the East was blasting its way across the UK. To add to

03 September 2018

An introduction to effective bird management

Technical | PPC92 September 2018 Bird management is a tricky but crucial arm of public health pest control and potentially a huge growth area for a professional servicing company willing to learn. One BPCA member company that has built

03 September 2018

Understanding behaviour for successful bird control

Technical | PPC92 September 2018 Being ‘birdbrained’ is meant to be an insult. Typically it’s used to describe the sort of person you wouldn’t want on your pub quiz team. Any professional pest controller with ex

03 September 2018

Birds of prey: The biological and environmentally friendly bird control

Technical | PPC92 September 2018 The natural approach to bird control can be extremely effective in providing the correct programme is implemented for the client’s situation and the logistics of the environment to be controlled.

30 August 2018

Top 5 Avian Pests

Technical | PPC92 September 2018 With the help of Mark Wenman from Pelsis, we’ve put together our own set of ‘top trumps’ cards with all the vital statistics and fun facts on the most common nuisance birds you’r

30 August 2018

Choosing the right tools for effective bird management

Technical | PPC92 September 2018 Bird control products are continually evolving. It can be hard to keep up with the latest developments and to understand which products work best in a particular situation. We asked Dan England, Directo

30 August 2018

The ultimate bird control netting guide

Technical | PPC92 September 2018 With an extensive choice of bird control and proofing products available, there are many factors to take into consideration when selecting the most suitable netting products for the job. PestFix Directo

30 August 2018

PESTWATCH: Secondary infestations from birds

Technical | PPC92 September 2018 Continuing PPC’s round of in-depth PestWatch features, Field Officer Natalie Bungay inspects birds’ homes and finds some unwelcome guests within them. When we think about birds ne

30 August 2018

Advert: Their customer support is second to none

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