14 August 2018

Pests on farms and in grain stores

Agriculture | PestAware As soon as you start to accumulate large amounts of food in one place, pests will always become a problem. We take a look at the pest problems farms and grain stores have and ask what should you expect from your

08 August 2018

No deal - HSE Chemicals EU Exit workshop

BPCA Field Officer, Natalie Bungay, went along to the HSE's Chemicals EU Exit Workshop, in Liverpool on 1 August 2018, to find out how chemical regulation could be affected if we left the EU without a deal. The Health & Safety Executive's&

07 August 2018

Free information materials support CPD and best practice for rodent control

A new set of information materials supporting effective and responsible rodenticide use has been published by UK Rodenticide Stewardship and are available free of charge to all users. Topics include: Exposure of wildlife to rodenticides Dire

07 August 2018

MEMtoring; can you help shape the future of pest control?

MEMtoring is an integral part of BPCA's forthcoming individual recognition scheme, where it places practical skills at the heart of learning and development. MEMtoring, in short, is mentoring from one member to another. If you're new to the indu

26 July 2018

40% of farmers still consider permanent rodenticide baiting essential

In a recent survey conducted by CRRU UK, permanent rodenticide baiting is still considered essential by more than 1-in-3 farmers - contrary to stewardship guidelines. The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) with the support of t

26 July 2018

10 tips for keeping rats and wasps out of your bins this Summer

Pest prevention | PestAware With Britain currently in the grip of an unprecedented heatwave, we’ve put together some advice for stopping rats and wasps getting into your household rubbish. As the temperature soars, so to do th

19 July 2018

Wasps and rodents on the rise as temperatures soar

It is looking like a bumper year for pests, with the heatwave providing perfect conditions for wasps, rats and mice to thrive, according to industry experts. Call-outs to members of The British Pest Control Association have increased for wa

17 July 2018

Reported surge in fly bites and advice to public

Press release | PestAware BPCA is issuing advice to the public to be pest aware following a reported increase in the number of fly bites. The heatwave is being linked in the media to an increased number of bites and stings, particul

11 July 2018

BPCA scoops award for social media excellence

Last night, at the Trade Association Forum’s awards evening, BPCA won the Best Practice Award for Social Media 2018. The awards evening, now in its 16th year, was held at the historic Draper’s Hall in London. Prestigious awa

09 July 2018

RAMPS UK launch the updated 2018 Code of Good Practice and new label tags for Phostoxin® and Talunex®

Label changes in the conditions relating to the use of both Phostoxin® and Talunex® for the nonagricultural control of brown rats resulted in the UK marketing companies putting a temporary suspension on the use of both products for rodent con

09 July 2018

Electronic tags for anti-social invasive pests

To protect the UK’s honeybee populations, scientists have trialled electronically tagging invasive Asian Hornets. Scientists from the University of Exeter have been trialling the use of tiny tracking devices to follow Asian hornets to

06 July 2018

Your helpful-friend: who are the BPCA technical team, and what do they do?

BPCA has a full-time pest control Technical team who are there to support our members – but who’s on the team and what sort of support can they give? We thought it was worth giving you a proper introduction to our Tech team, what they do,

06 July 2018

New Sales Executive joins BPCA

Professional salesperson Beth Reed has joined the BPCA Staff team as our new Sales Executive. Beth has been recruited to help develop BPCA events like PestEx 2019 and publication, PPC magazine. She’ll be supporting BPCA members with exhibi

06 July 2018

Bed bug project receives government funding

A product designed to “revolutionise how bed bugs are tackled” is being supported by Innovate UK's latest open funding competition. Vecotech has received a grant of £220,034 to develop a product to detect infestations in it&rsq

06 July 2018

BASIS PROMPT appoints data manager to launch training “check-in” system

BASIS PROMPT has taken on an IT manager to manage data and take the lead in a digital transformation project designed to help it improve its service to its members. The register has appointed Andrew Boulding as its new data manager as it mo

05 July 2018

The future of heat treatments

Do you specialise in heat treatment? If so, then BPCA's Fumigation and Controlled Environments (FaCE) Forum would like your help.    FaCE are meeting on Tuesday 17 July at the BPCA offices in Derby to discuss the future of heat treatme

05 July 2018

EN 16636 certified contributing factor to City contract

Member story | BPCA online South London-based Beaver Pest Control has been awarded the pest control contract for the City of London Corporation. The three-year deal included elements such as EN 16636 Certification, provision of work ex

05 July 2018

Round-up of CEPA’s European Forum: Global Summit of Pest Management Services 2018

Pest management professionals, companies and trade associations from across the world assembled in Portugal’s Coastal town of Cascais for the third Global Summit on 4 June. The event lasted three-days and was hosted by the Confederation of

26 June 2018

Julia, Tim and Louise join BPCA Board

Today after the Associations 2018 AGM, BPCA’s Executive Board formally welcomed three new members to its committee. The Executive Board is BPCA’s governing committee and includes such responsibilities as setting the Associatio

26 June 2018

BPCA to launch in house professional recognition and CPD scheme

Today after its Annual General Meeting (AGM), BPCA announced that it plans to introduce a professional recognition scheme incorporating CPD as a new member benefit from 2019 onwards. The scheme, ‘BPCA Registered’ will be run by BPC

15 June 2018

Wasps going on? The changing pattern of summer pest behaviour

Press release | PestAware The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) is urging the public to be on their guard for wasps as they anticipate a significant increase in prevalence this summer. This season could be a bumper year as&nbs

14 June 2018

Guidance for the frequency of checking snap-break back traps available for BPCA members

BPCA has produced a guidance document to help our members decide how often they need to check their snapback/break-back traps. The guidance document was created at the request of members and goes alongside the newly created Code of Best Practice

14 June 2018

New Code of Best Practice: The Use of Air Guns in Pest Control

The new Code of Best Practice for The Use of Air Guns in Pest Control is now available to download.   BPCA Codes of Best Practice (COBP) are written rules which explain how people working in the pest management industry should behave in a

11 June 2018

Alpha Pest Control celebrates its silver anniversary

Member story | BPCA online Preston based, Alpha Pest Control, has celebrated 25 years of service to the pest control industry. Alpha Pest Control marked the occasion by throwing a surprise event in London for employees and national

04 June 2018

World Pest Day: What would the world be like without pest control?

6 June 2018 is the second ever World Pest Day. To mark the occasion, we’re imagining what would be different in a world without any pest management. Pest management professionals from five continents are getting together today for the Glob