26 November 2020

Advert: New Protecta Evo Tunnel

ADVERT | PPC magazine 

19 November 2020

BPCA launch new online accreditation: Certificated Advanced Technician (CAT) in Pest Management

BPCA is proud to launch a new accreditation for pest professionals who have passed their Level 2 Award and want to demonstrate their advanced industry experience.  The Certificated Advanced Technician (CAT) accreditation can be taken enti

19 November 2020

VIDEO: Cockroach control for pest professionals

In this video Natalie discusses the key points to consider when controlling cockroaches. This video is intended for those working in the pest management sector. Information correct at the time of filming. On BPCA Registered? Mak

18 November 2020

Killgerm sponsored PhD research looking for applicants

A fantastic opportunity to apply for a fully funded University of Reading PhD research project on rodents, pathogens and antimicrobial resistance is now available. The research, sponsored by BPCA member Killgerm, will look at the var

17 November 2020

Guest blog: Contego mental health champion appointed

In this guest blog, Laura Galloway, from BPCA member company Contego, talks about how the negative impacts of Covid-19 restrictions inspired the business to appoint a mental health champion for employees.  2020 has been a difficult

16 November 2020

VIDEO: Google's game-changing ad platform for Pest Control

In this video guest webinar speakers Cathal O'Sullivan and Dave Gibson discuss how Google is reshaping the way customers search for pest control services. Through Local Services Ads (LSA), Google is reshaping the way customers search for home

16 November 2020

Pelsis announces launch of Envirostop non-target species barrier

PRESS RELEASE BPCA Manufacturer and Distributor member Pelsis have launched a non-target species barrier for their Neo® rodent station, to be sold through the groups Edialux Professional brand. Envirostop® non-target species

02 December 2020

Rentokil acquires Ghanaian pest control company

BPCA member Rentokil Initial announced the acquisition of Samson Pest Control Limited as Rentokil Initial Ghana Limited, a new market entry for the company.  Samson Pest Control Limited was established 15 years ago by Julian Ac

10 November 2020

Cholecalciferol rodenticides covered by stewardship regime

Rodenticides based on cholecalciferol are subject to conditions of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime, operated by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use UK. This confirmation is prompted by new products coming to the UK market.

09 November 2020

BPCA warns of second spike in rodent activity

PRESS RELEASE Householders and businesses should be on the look-out for signs of an infestation as rats and mice head indoors for winter. British Pest Control Association (BPCA) warned people to remain vigilant as new Covid-19

09 November 2020

Defra publishes 2021 general licences for wild bird control

Today (9 November 2020), Defra has published three new general licences for wild bird control which will come into effect in England on 1 January 2021. The licences published are: Conservation licence GL40 (currently GL34) Read >

04 November 2020

Check for clusters of cockroaches as heating goes on this autumn

PRESS RELEASE Heating ducts and pipes can be prime spots for cockroaches as the heating goes on in the autumn, a national trade body has warned. British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has issued a guide with advice on preventing th

04 November 2020

BASF introduces new Cholecalciferol-based rodenticide bait in Europe

BPCA member BASF has officially launched Selontra, a new rodenticide bait for use by pest professionals. The product contains the active substance cholecalciferol which has a different mode of action to the predominantly used anticoagula

04 November 2020

Rentokil launches Flexi Armour Dock pest proofing product

BPCA member Rentokil Pest Control has launched Flexi Armour Dock, an advanced pest proofing product which can be installed to dock levellers in the loading bays of supermarkets, factories and distribution centres. Analysis of Rentok

03 November 2020

Opportunity to support Church Farm pest control training centre

Steve Havers, Church Farm's owner, is looking for a new tenant at the famous pest management training and product testing facility. In 2015, PelGar leased the site for a 5-year period and established a new suite of insectaries, test room

05 November 2020

Kevin Higgins leaves BPCA as Membership Manager

We’re sad to report Kevin Higgins has said his farewells to the Association. Kevin has been an avid supporter of BPCA for many years, as a member, a Committee Member, an Executive Board member, the President, a consultant, the MD o

03 November 2020

Scoring a century - BPCA Registered technician aims for 100 CPD points

Each year, as part of the BPCA membership criteria, we require member company employees to gain 20 CPD points to ensure continued competence as a pest technician. It’s nice to keep the old noggin ticking over. Not content with a mere 20 po

03 November 2020

BPCA member Spotta puts bed bugs to the test with smart pest monitoring

In its first year of operation, Spotta’s Bed Pods have reduced the amount of bed bug incidents discovered by hotel guests from 50% to just 3.3% in its customers’ properties. The ‘always-on’ monitoring service uses

02 November 2020

Covid-19 second wave and what pest companies need to know

Covid-19 cases are spiking across the UK, with the country now seeing around 20,000 cases a day and roughly 46,000 deaths linked to the disease. England recorded Europe’s highest excess death levels during

02 November 2020

England to enter second lockdown - what does that mean for pest professionals?

On Sunday 1 November it was announced that England will go into a second "circuit breaker" style lockdown from 00:01 GMT on Thursday 5 November, which is intended to last until Wednesday 2 December.  Pubs, restaurants

22 October 2020

Know your zoonosis – CRRU on rodent to human disease transfer

Phil Christopher, CRRU, reminds professionals to take the opportunity to explain why we control rats, by looking at the zoonotic diseases rodents carry. "Whenever possible, take the opportunity to explain why we control rats be

22 October 2020

VIDEO: Squirrel control for pest professionals

In this video Natalie discusses the key points to consider when controlling squirrels. This video is intended for those working in the pest management sector. Information correct at the time of filming. On BPCA Registered? Make

22 October 2020

OPINION: When will professional users of rodenticides wake up to the potential consequences of their actions?

Opinion| Rodenticide Resistance Dr John Simmons, Acheta Consulting, writes about the consequences of not taking rodenticide resistance seriously following a CRRU statement about new survey results.  As part of our site inspections

21 October 2020

Scottish petition to ban glue boards closed 

At a Scottish Parliament petitions committee meeting on 17 September, the committee agreed that the petition to ban glue boards in Scotland is to be closed. The petitions committee recommended that restrictions on glue boards be looked a

20 October 2020

Going, Glowing, Gone – Syngenta release new Talon Glow

BPCA Manufacturing and Distributor member Syngenta has released a new addition to the Talon rodenticide range. Talon® Glow has an integrated UV tracer that reveals when target pests have been successfully treated.  The