25 May 2022

Guidance for professional users of Plant Protection Products

AGRICULTURE If you use professional plant protection products as part of your work,  or if you have professional PPPs applied by a third party as part of your work in agriculture, horticulture, the amenity sector or forestry in Great Brit

25 May 2022

New Asian hornet identification guidance out now

MEMBER LIBRARY A new technical awareness and reporting guidance document, on identifying Asian hornets, has been published by BPCA and Bounty Consultancy Services. The new four-page document covers: The importance of correctly

25 May 2022

The future of glue boards in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

LEGISLATION The Glue Traps (Offences) Act has received Royal Assent in England. We’ve had questions from members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland about what the legislation means for them. The Glue Traps (Offences) Act

23 May 2022

Monkeypox, rats and pest control – should we be concerned?

HEALTH  Twenty cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in the UK. News publications have pointed at rats as a vector for the disease. Photo credit: NIAID/Flickr  What is monkeypox? Monkeypox is a viral infection somet

20 May 2022

World Bee Day: how can pest professionals help bees?

WORLD BEE DAY As pest experts, we all know how important bees are, which is why we've put together a list of ways you can help them this World Bee Day.  We love bees here at BPCA and we know you do too - that's why we created s

17 May 2022

LNPS make donation to East London kids

PRESS RELEASE London Network for Pest Solutions (LNPS) has donated two timber summer houses to Early Start to enhance the facilities at two sites in East London. Early Start is a small company based in London, providing a range of s

17 May 2022

New member benefit: Find funding and get bespoke support with FundOnion

MEMBERSHIP FundOnion and BPCA have teamed up to help pest management companies secure funding for growth.  FundOnion.com is a leading commercial finance brokerage that helps UK small businesses identify available financing opti

16 May 2022

John O'Conner buzzing about bee garden project

PRESS RELEASE Staff at BPCA member company John O'Conner Pest Control have been working with some London residents on creating a 'bee friendly' garden.  Paradigm Housing residents at Lea Bridge House received ‘bee friendl

12 May 2022

New member benefit: Discounted IT, computing and tech advice with Dell

MEMBERSHIP Dell UK and BPCA have teamed up to help pest control businesses grow, and to support members' IT needs. Dell is offering BPCA members up to 20% off laptops, desktops and accessories for their businesses. Employees of

11 May 2022

New control of field mice guidance document out now

MEMBER LIBRARY A technical briefing and guidance document, on when and how field mice can be controlled, has been published by BPCA and Pesttrain. The new four-page document was requested by technicians and covers: Position sta

10 May 2022

VIDEO: Carrying out pest control surveys

CPD VIDEO How do we decide what we are going to do with any particular pest infestation? We survey it, right?  A lot of the time, surveys may be done in your head but. In some situations, it may be more appropriate (and professional)

09 May 2022

Terminix UK sold to Norvestor

PRESS RELEASE Terminix Global Holdings, following its merger with Rentokil, has announced the sale of Terminix UK to Norvestor. The company said that the business will continue to remain focused on providing pest-free environments f

04 May 2022

Total Pest Control help with Ukrainian charity appeal

PRESS RELEASE Didcot-based BPCA member Total Pest Control recently helped out with Ukrainian aid efforts by temporarily donating one of their work vehicles to charity workers in Cholsey, South Oxfordshire. The van left fully stocked on a

04 May 2022

Programme now available for ICUP 2022

PRESS RELEASE The programme for the three-day ICUP 2022 conference which will be held in Barcelona is now available and can be seen on the event website. When: 27 to 29 June 2022  Where: Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spa

29 April 2022

New Omniveo fly trap 'designed to see it all'

PRESS RELEASE A new range of professional UV flying insect light traps has been launched by Netherlands-based manufacturer, Alcochem Hygiene. Called the Omniveo range, this picks up on the Latin word Omni, meaning ‘all’,

29 April 2022

Natural Resources Wales share key bird licensing documents

LICENSING Four new draft general licences and a report on the decisions surrounding those general licences are among the key documents being shared with pest controllers by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).  Following decisions ma

28 April 2022

Glue Traps (Offences) Bill receives Royal Assent - what does this mean for pest management?

LEGISLATION New legislation restricting glue trap use in England became law after receiving the go-ahead from the monarch, alongside several other animal health and welfare bills.  The Glue Traps (Offences) Bill, the Animals (P

27 April 2022

Call in professionals if nesting birds pose a problem

PRESS RELEASE Birds can cause a range of issues during nesting season, but interfering with wild birds, their eggs or nests could lead to prosecution, a national trade body has warned the public. British Pest Control Association (BP

27 April 2022

Glue Traps (Offences) Bill passes third and final reading in England

LEGISLATION The Bill to restrict glue trap use in England has passed its third and final reading in the House of Lords unopposed and with no amendments.  This means that the Bill (available here) will now go for Royal Assent ahea

26 April 2022

CRRU: Rodenticide surveillance finds stubborn barn owl residues

PRESS RELEASE Rodenticide residues have been found in 88% of barn owls by the latest annual surveillance for the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime, operated by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use. The previous year’s figure was

22 April 2022

PestFix launch benefit scheme for BPCA Servicing members

PRESS RELEASE From today (22 April 2022), PestFix is now offering a range of perks to all full BPCA Servicing members.  The benefits include: “BPC8”: 8% off the trade price on a host of core pest control products

13 April 2022

Pest professionals wanted to play charity football tournament

BPCA member Beaver Pest Control are organising a charity football tournament to raise money in support of Ukraine.  The 7-a-side football tournament for teams made up of professionals within the pest control industry will help raise

13 April 2022

VIDEO: Digital Forum 13 - Challenges of rural pest control on dairy and livestock farms

CPD VIDEO In this video BASF's Sharon Hughes discusses the challenges of pest control in rural environments and the effective ways to carry out treatments on dairy and livestock farms.   The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) ho

13 April 2022

VIDEO: Digital Forum 13 - Adding bird management to your services

CPD VIDEO In this video, Mark Wenman from Edialux explains why, if he can do bird management, so can you!  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts these free events so everyone interested in pest management can learn, share

13 April 2022

VIDEO: Digital Forum 13 - Switching to Selontra

CPD VIDEO In this video BASF's Helen Hall talks about the key features and benefits of using the cholecalciferol Selontra bait.  The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) hosts these free events so everyone interested in pest manag