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WEBINAR: General licences for bird control - update and next steps

An update on the current bird licence situation in England. This webinar will have the most current advice for pest controllers who lethally control pest bird species.

Free webinar on bird control licenes

During the webinar, we will be looking at the benefits of this method of pest management alongside the justification and mitigation measures that should be considered.

This online webinar is completely free and open to anyone on theĀ BPCA Affiliate Scheme.

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Dee Ward-Thompson

Technical Manager

Dee joined the BPCA team in April 2015 from a member company, OCS Cannon, where she'd been their UK Technical Manager since 2008. Before then Dee was Operational Quality and Food Safety Manager for Mars, with a remit to manage pest control. Dee has a passion for pest control and would much rather be on her knees looking for rats than in any meeting.