Complaining about a BPCA Member Company

Complaint about a member

It is important that when we receive complaints, we have all of the details that allow us to investigate any complaint fully and effectively.

Without the complete details it is much more difficult for us to be able to assist you. Please complete this form with as much detail as possible which will ensure the best possible outcome.

You can read our complaints procedure here.

You can check to see whether a company is a BPCA member with our check a member tool.

Note: British Pest Control Association does not have the authority to order a refund or part refund by the member, irrespective of the outcome of the complaint, particularly if further services have subsequently been purchased from another company.

Citizens Advice, Trading Standards or Consumer Direct can advise you as to your consumer rights with regard to a refund. Only a court of law has the authority to order any action or payment in connection with a complaint. However, a genuine effort will be made to deal with your problem and achieve a satisfactory solution.

Finally, we require your permission to share this information with the member company in question. Please tell us if there is anything you would NOT like us to share with them