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25 March 2020

BPCA key worker lobbying on BBC radio

BPCA got a big mention on BBC Radio yesterday, when hosts spoke to a caller about pest management during the Covid-19 lockdown.

bbc radio pest management essential during covid

 The whole section is a phone-in segment and listeners are discussing whether pest control can continue to take place. 

This mention of BPCA lobbying the Government for official key worker status is great news for the industry, as it shows we're being heard.

The show went out to at least 45 local BBC Radio stations. 

You can listen to the segment (starts at 2:52:00) on BBC Radio 5 Live Show here:


Below is a brief transcript of some of the conversation which took place on the show.

"Are pest controllers key workers? Can you continue to access their services at this time?

"I don’t know, I know there are certain organisations, the British Pest Control Association are currently lobbying the Government.

"I mean literally, in the last few hours they've published a document to remonstrate the government on the lack of specificity on this matter but they believe, this is the British Pest Control Association, that they are classed, or should be classified as key workers, in that sense during the Covid-19 outbreak and you would imagine wouldn’t you?

"Particularly given the health and safety regimes there are. I mean, my kitchens never been so blooming clean at the moment, scrubbing it to within an inch of its life right now. It would be useful to receive some clarification on those matters, so Richard thank you for raising it.

"That is, I think, perhaps some crumb of comfort to you Cheryl as well, to know that the BPCA - The British Pest Control Association - are lobbying the Government right now to designate pest management as key work during the coronavirus outbreak so that will at least bring forth an answer in the days to come if you can live with the problem, just for a very short time, and stay in touch with those local Pest Control agencies to ensure that you have them on call if you need them."

To find out more about what we've been doing during the Covid-19 outbreak, visit the news section of our website


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