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11 May 2018

Back to Basics: Flying insect control and IPM

One day I’ll fly away… but until then, we’ll press ahead practising the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) with vigour, says Ralph Izod, Managing Director of BPCA member company Dyno-Pest.

11 May 2018

Talking to pest control customers about bees

BPCA’s newest special interest group, Beewise, has been put to work trying to take the sting out of communicating with clients about bees around the home.

10 May 2018

NYC study reveals the dangers of mice

Study finds New York mice harboured disease-causing bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes.

10 May 2018

Controlling flies in commercial food sites

Although rodent infestations tend to be considered a more extreme issue by customers, flying insects that can pose the greatest risk to the contamination of products and packaging. Chris Cagienard makes a case for how and why we prioritise flying ins

10 May 2018

Pestwatch: Queen wasps

For our second in-depth PestWatch feature, we are doffing our caps to the most regal of all the species pest controllers are likely to encounter - the queen wasp.

10 May 2018

Formulating an effective insect control plan

With an extensive variety of insecticides available on the market there are many factors to take into consideration when selecting an appropriate product for a job. Bayer Technical Manager, Richard Moseley, gives his top tips for choosing the right p

10 May 2018

Spent gases: In-transit fumigation risks, safety and opportunity

Martin Cobbald, Chair of the Fumigation and Controlled Environment (FaCE) Forum briefs us on in-transit fumigations, keeping customers safe, and getting paid in the process.

09 May 2018

Wasp Nest BINGO!

Are you a pest technician who’s seen it all? Time to prove it! Eyes down, look in and play...WASPS NEST BINGO!

08 May 2018

World’s largest rodent eradication project declared a success

The UK Overseas Territory of South Georgia is officially declared free of rodents for the first time since humans arrived on the island, due to the world's largest rodent control programme.

04 May 2018

Ask the Technical Team May 2018

When you’re a BPCA member you can get technical support whenever you need it via our experienced technical team. Here are just a few of the latest questions posed...

16 April 2018

Asian hornet identified in Lancashire

An Asian hornet has been found in Lancashire and surveillance activity is underway.

28 March 2018

Conservationists unleash rodent detection dogs in final phase of world’s largest rodent eradication

Three small dogs are at the centre of the final phase of the world’s largest project to eradicate invasive species.

20 March 2018

Lantra withdraws approval from 'customised' rodent control on farms training

One of UK Rodenticide Stewardship's formal awarding organisations for training, Lantra, has withdrawn approval from any 'customised' variants of its own Rodent Control on Farms course.

20 March 2018

Defra consultation on the implementation of the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards

Defra is seeking views on proposals for implementing the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) in the UK.

08 March 2018

PPC90 and PPC Live Showguide out now

Professional Pest Controller issue 90 and the PPC Live showguide are out now. The BPCA member and industry magazine is packed full of all the latest pest control news and features (March 2018).

07 March 2018

Anticoagulant resistance in house mice ...a moving target.

Move with it ...or miss out! Adrian Meyer is an author and editor of the British Pest Management Manual (BPM). He talks us through the issue of pesticide resistance and the research being conducted.

07 March 2018

Rodenticide concentration: the effect on resistance

Sharon Hughes, Global Technical Marketing Manager of Rodenticides at BASF, considers how the proposed reduction in the concentration at which anticoagulants are used may impact on resistance and selection for resistance in house mice and Norway rats.

07 March 2018

Anticoagulant rodenticide changes for 2018

Our Manufacturer and Distributor Committee has helped us put together an article with all the upcoming changes to professional use rodenticides.

07 March 2018

New Code of Best Practice: Snap back traps

The new Code of Best Practice for The Use of Break Back Traps/Snap Traps has been released. If you’re working in a BPCA Servicing company you should already be following the Code as it’s part of our membership criteria.

07 March 2018

Black Death? It wasn’t me

A new study suggests that rats might not be responsible for spreading the Black Death and subsequent epidemics of bubonic plague that rampaged across Europe, Asia and Africa for over 600 years.

07 March 2018

Pestwatch: Squirrels

We’ve changed our regular PestWatch feature and asked our technical team to focus on just one pest to look out for over the coming months. To kick off, Dee and Natalie have chosen the grey squirrel.

07 March 2018

Top 5 weird and wonderful pest call-outs

Every so often, circumstances come together that leave you speechless and wondering ‘what the hell just happened?!’ Guest writer Asa Goldschmied shares his experiences.

06 March 2018

Back to school pest awareness

Dee and Natalie usually spend time talking pest awareness to high-ups in food premises or the hospitality industry but sometimes something different comes along...

06 March 2018

Birds and the bees fly the nest

February and March saw BPCA’s two new special interest groups meet for the first time – Beewise and Birdwise. Find out how you can get involved.

06 March 2018

Ask the Technical Team March 2018

When you’re a BPCA member you can get technical support whenever you need it via our experienced technical team. We’ve rounded up a couple of the best questions we’ve had in the last few months, so everyone can benefit from the advice.

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15 May 2020

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VIDEO: Ant control for pest professionals

In this video, Natalie discusses how to identify sources of ant infestations and methods of control available to pest technicians. This video is intended for those working in the pest managemen

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25 March 2020

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VIDEO: Advice for pest professionals during Covid-19 pandemic

This video will help pest management businesses understand how the pandemic will affect their work, and offer suggestions for mitigating risks involved in doing pest control work. This webinar

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23 March 2020

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Can I go to work? Guidance for pest management professionals

Last night (23 March 2020), the Government announced further measures to stop the spread of Covid 19.  The announcement means that UK Citizens can only leave home for one of the foll

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27 May 2020

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New behavioural resistance CPD assignment for pest professionals

BPCA has issued a new downloadable assignment on behavioural resistance, to help pest professionals keep up with their continuing professional development (CPD). The CPD assignments are d

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26 May 2020

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Coronavirus and bed bugs: how hotels can protect guests after lockdown

New BPCA member Spotta says that the damage from Covid-19 to hotels may not be over once the Government greenlights a return to travel. Dormant bed bugs will live around a year witho

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20 May 2020

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BPCA launches new online course for pest identification

BPCA is delivering more specialist pest control training via its new virtual classroom. Principles of Pest Identification will premiere live on the 18 June 2020 between 10am and 4pm.

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