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19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: An Introduction to the BPCA Manufacturers and Distributors Committee

In this video, Jim Kirk talks about the Manufacturers and Distributors Committee and how you can get involved.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: An Introduction to the BPCA Outreach and Communications Committee

In this video, Julia Pittman talks about her role as chair of the Outreach and Communications committee and how you can get involved.

19 March 2021

VIDEO: PestExtra: An Introduction to the BPCA Servicing Committee

In this video, Martin Rose-King talks about his role as chair of the Servicing committee and how you can get involved.

10 March 2021

VIDEO: Ian Andrew interviewed by Talking Pest Management

Our Chief Executive Ian Andrew was once again interviewed by the pest management podcast on subjects ranging from Covid-19 vaccines to PestExtra.

26 February 2021

Be a man of more words - Chief Exec's viewpoint

BPCA Chief Executive, Ian Andrew, reflects on the stresses of 2020 and how we should ask for support when we need it.

25 February 2021

PestWatch: Rodents and glue boards

With all eyes on control measures for glue boards, BPCA Technical Officer Natalie Bungay gives PPC102 a glue board refresher.

25 February 2021

Ask the technical team March 2021

Rats next door, rodent carcass disposal, woodworm treatment and insect identification are all covered in this issue of Ask the BPCA technical team.

25 February 2021

Google Local Service Ads

In this PPC102 article, local search specialist, Known Locally, explains the latest way to boost online presence for your pest management business.

25 February 2021

Google My Business: Promote your pest control company for free

In this article, Which? Trusted Traders share their insights on the Google tool that helps you find and generate leads for your pest control business.

25 February 2021

Meet the member: Personal development is more than words

In this article, BPCA’s Comms Officer Kat Shaw speaks to Paul Allman from Problem Solved Pest Control, about personal development and the path to professionalism.

25 February 2021

President's Report: We Are BPCA

Phil Halpin, BPCA President, looks back at the challenges of 2020 and celebrates the successes.

24 February 2021

Treasurer's report: Adapt, improvise, overcome

Mark Williams, Honorary Treasurer on BPCA's Executive Board, assesses the Association's finances for 2020 and the challenges the pandemic presented.

24 February 2021

Annual Report: 2018-2020 strategy wrap-up

Before we start reporting on developments in the new BPCA strategy, we thought it only fair to assess how successful the old one was.

24 February 2021

Annual Report: 2020 in numbers

As part of our 2020 annual report, check out how the Association did in areas from income and outgoings to press coverage and member referrals.

19 February 2021

UPDATED: Furloughing pest management workers and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (JRS)

Covid-19 has made furlough the HR word of the moment in the UK, but what is it and how does it work for your pest management business?

13 January 2021

Brexit: Post-transition readiness for businesses

Following the end of the Brexit transition period, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has released advice for businesses on the new rules.

12 January 2021

BPCA asks health secretary for pest professionals to get Covid-19 vaccine

BPCA has written to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ask that pest professionals are prioritised appropriately for the Covid-19 vaccine.

12 January 2021

When will pest professionals get vaccinated against Covid-19?

With the UK's largest inoculation programme in progress, we've been asked when key workers, like pest controllers, will get access to the Covid-19 vaccines.

16 December 2020

Get your nominations in for the BPCA Member Awards 2021

The BPCA Member Awards 2021 are now open to all BPCA member companies and their employees.

15 December 2020

Sri Lankan-based Exterminators celebrate 22 years in pest control

BPCA Observer member The Exterminators are celebrating 22 years in business and 7 years providing 'carbon neutral' services.

07 December 2020

New BPCA Codes of Best Practice on bed bugs, birds and reporting released

A brand new set of Codes of Best Practice are now available, outlining the responsibilities and procedures that BPCA members are expected to adhere to.

27 November 2020

Registrations opens for PestExtra: the pest management show

Registration open! Discover the latest pest control science, technology and innovation at the UK’s online trade show and conference for pest management.

27 November 2020

Practical rabbit management: part two

In his previous article in PPC100, Dave Archer looked at the history and legal aspects of rabbit management. In part two, he jumps straight into the practicalities of controlling rabbits.

27 November 2020

The risk of zoonotic disease in pest control environments

Anyone who works around animals has an increased risk of picking up a nasty zoonotic disease. It’s up to us to be able to protect ourselves, our clients and our clients’ clients from the diseases pest species can transmit.

27 November 2020

Infection and immunity in wild rodents - the zoo of infections

Covid-19, Ebola and HIV originated in animals. The Covid-19 pandemic has rightly refocused our attention to the infections of wild animals. Professor Viney shares his research on the ‘zoo of infections’ living in our pest rodents and what it could me

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04 August 2021

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Five new document templates - perfect for client folders

BPCA has released five new pest management document templates which are now available for members to download.

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03 August 2021

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Let’s keep glue boards for professionals, says BPCA

BPCA has begun its lobbying effort to keep rodent glue boards in the toolkits of pest professionals.

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29 June 2021

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BPCA secures funding for 3D interactive simulator

BPCA applied for funding from the Ufi VocTech Trust to support the development of an interactive 3D competency simulator for pest technicians.

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23 September 2021

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VIDEO: Cluster fly pest control

In this video, Natalie Bungay looks at the biology of cluster flies and the control options open to professional pest controllers.

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22 September 2021

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Insect-O-Cutor launches new third generation PlusZap for flying insects

Insect-O-Cutor, a Pelsis brand, has launched a new product to control flying insects in indoor, commercial environments.

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16 September 2021

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HSE ventilation advice for returning office workers

Fresh air supply is key to a safe working environment, as pandemic continues, says Health and Safety Executive.

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